Archery / Air Gun Range

The Archery / Air Gun Range is an approximately 3 acre facility built for the enjoyment of Pecan Plantation residents and their guests. Located at 10026 Ravenswood, next to the Shady Campgrounds RV Park, the range includes separate areas for archery and air gun target shooting. The archery area has target butts set from 10 to 50 yards as well as trails for various animal 3D targets. There is a shooting line cover with lights and fans. The air gun section has a covered area with shooting tables, gun rests and stools. Various types of paper and steel targets are set from 10 to 50 yards. There are also separate targets for BB guns. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult who is a PPOA member. All guests regardless of age must be accompanied by a PPOA member.

The range building, completed in 2016, has storage facilities for targets, a workshop, and storage for lawn and maintenance equipment. In 2017 bathroom facilities were completed. There is no cost to use the range, but residents are asked to complete the application process at the PAC and receive a copy of the rules. The Range is open for use 24/7 with some lighting for the targets.

The Pecan Plantation Archery / Air Gun Association (PPAA) is a separate organization whose membership is open to all PPOA members. PPAA dues are $25 per year per family, and dues are used for targets, equipment and for maintaining the facilities. Membership details of the PPAA can be found under the Club Information section of this website.


  • Rules & Regulations

      Updated November 5, 2015


      6.3.1 Everyone utilizing the Range must practice proper shooting line etiquette. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied and directly supervised by an adult while at the Range. All guest(s) must be accompanied by a member while at the Range whether or not said guest(s) are minors.

      6.3.2 All patrons of the Range are expected to sign-in/out of the Range Log.

      6.3.3 Persons using the Range are required to dispose of all trash, which includes cans, bottles, and paper products, into proper trash bins and cigarette butts in appropriate receptacles.

      6.3.4 Any person who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited to be on the Range. 6

      6.3.5 If you observe any unsafe conditions and cannot correct them, notify PPOA security as soon as possible.

      6.3.6 Shooting of firearms is prohibited in the Range at all times. By definition, a firearm is a weapon from which a projectile can be discharged by an explosion caused by igniting gunpowder. Anyone found shooting firearms at the Range will be found guilty of a flagrant violation as described in Section 12, Penalties.

      6.3.7 Shooting will be from designated locations only.

      6.3.8 Shooting will not commence until all persons are at or behind the firing line and the Range is called “HOT.”

      6.3.9 All archers/shooters must remain at or behind the firing line until the Range is called “COLD!” This can be signaled by anyone at the firing line blowing of a whistle or verbally calling the line “COLD!” Once the line is called “COLD”, all archers/shooters must secure their bows/guns in safe position, then retrieve their arrows or review/change their targets at the same time. No one is allowed to handle their bows/guns while the Range is called “COLD.”

      6.3.10 No unauthorized vehicles are allowed on the Range at any time.

      6.3.11 No unleashed pets are allowed on the Range at any time. All pets must be under direct control of owner at all times.

      6.3.12 Arrows and air gun projectiles must always be directed towards a proper target, never shot up in the air, and never towards person(s) or wildlife. Anyone caught deliberately doing so will be found guilty of a flagrant violation as described in Section 12, Penalties.

      6.3.13 Broadhead arrows may only be shot at broadhead targets and are to be supplied by the archers using broadhead arrows. The range target butts are not designed to receive broadheads. Anyone found shooting broadhead arrows at the range target butts will be found guilty of a flagrant violation as described in Section 12, Penalties.

      6.3.14 Person(s) violating these rules are subject to penalties as outlined in Section 12, Penalties.

  • Events
    • The PPAA holds regular Archery and Air Gun events at the range as well as special events scheduled throughout the year. The PPAA also works with the PAC and the Sports & Recreation Committee to schedule youth events and camps. Many other organizations utilize the range facilities for special meetings and events with the help of the PPAA.

      Notice of tournaments and special events is published each month in the Columns magazine. The group meets the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM at the Range building


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