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  • Rules & Regulations - Pecan Plantation (0TX1)


      8.1 General

      8.1.1. Aircraft with an operating weight of greater than 12,500 pounds are prohibited from using the Pecan Plantation Airport.

      8.1.2. Members are responsible for the call-in registration with security of guests when the guest arrives in an aircraft not accompanied by the member.

      8.1.3. Unattended aircraft may not be parked on a paved turn-around or closer than 50 ft. to the runway.

      8.1.4. Aircraft parking in any common parking area (Planeview Park area and not on private property) shall be limited to temporary / visitor aircraft parking.

      8.1.5. All aircraft shall park at operator’s risk.

      8.1.6. Parking is allowed in the fuel farm area for the purpose to refuel only. The aircraft should then be promptly moved.

      8.1.7. No un-attended child below the age of 16 shall be on the runway for any purpose. Un-attended shall mean without adult supervision.

      8.2 Vehicle Ground Operations

      8.2.1. Other than aircraft, only golf carts, emergency, maintenance and inspection vehicles shall be permitted on or near the surface of the runway, common airport grounds, common taxiways or in the common aircraft parking area. Grounds on either side of the runway, grounds on both runway ends and grounds in the aircraft parking area on the hill east of the Planeview Park are all common grounds belonging to the airport. Common taxiways are those belonging to PPOA and not owned by home owners.

      8.2.2. Aircraft may be towed by any device or vehicle agreeable to the aircraft owner. Light weight towing vehicles such as golf carts shall be used. However, if no other means are acceptable an aircraft may be towed by an automobile.

      8.2.3. Persons 16 years and older, on golf carts, bicycles or walking may cross the runway after yielding right of way to aircraft; and the person executes the crossover in expedited manner.

      8.2.4. Parking of automobiles shall be limited to designated hard surface parking areas located on the north end of the Planeview Park.

      8.2.5. Irresponsible and or intentional acts causing damage to aircraft, grounds, taxiways, bridges, runway, lighting systems, Planeview Park building and facilities or any other airport asset shall be considered a flagrant rule violation. (As Amended 11/1/2007)

      8.3 Use of Runway

      8.3.1. The runway is solely provided for aircraft operations and the following is specifically prohibited: Using the runway for a place to walk, run, jog, bicycle, skateboard, roller-skate, ride golf carts (except to cross the runway), fly kites, fly model airplanes, or any other activity not necessary for the support of aircraft flight or ground operations is a flagrant rule violation for such could cause danger to life and/or property. (As Amended 10/04/07)

  • Operating Guidelines
    • Pecan Plantation Airpark Operating Guidelines

      1.0 Introduction

      1.1 The Pecan Plantation Airpark Operating Guidelines is a list of recommendations for pilots operating in and out of the Airpark to help establish the goal of Airpark safety. These guidelines in no way attempt to replace or supersede the FAA FAR's or the AIM, but on the contrary, is simply a list of commonsense/courtesy items to make the Airpark a safer place for the operation of all aircraft. AIRPARK SAFETY MUST BE PRIORITY #1!

      1.2 The pilots that operate out of the Airpark range from students with just a few flight hours to airline and military pilots with thousands of hours of flight time. Furthermore, there are over 80 aircraft that operate from the Pecan Plantation Airpark and they range from Cubs to high performance twins and even jets from time to time. With this wide diversity of experience and aircraft, it is imperative that all pilots adhere to some common guidelines for airport operation in order to make all Airpark operations as safe as possible.


      2.1 All pilots are encouraged to use the 0TX1 122.975 MHz to announce positions and movement around the Airpark with the approved taxiway designations. This is especially important for pilots that are based on the East side of the Airpark so that aircraft will not meet head-on with no way to turn around on a taxiway.

      2.2 As a courtesy to the Airpark residents at the South end of the runway, please position your aircraft so as not to allow the prop wash to contact these homes while performing engine runups.

      2.3 If it is necessary to perform maintenance or construction on a taxiway, please give at least one weeks notice to all affected airport residents and notify the General Manager of the PPOA.


      3.1 The preferred runway for calm or no-wind conditions is runway 19.

      3.2 As a courtesy to other Pecan Plantation residents, all pilots are requested to fly the runway heading until reaching pattern altitude before making any turns to minimize aircraft noise to the adjacent homes in the Airpark. All Airpark pilots need to be aware of our non-Airpark Pecan Plantation neighbors and the need for reducing unnecessary aircraft noise.

      3.3 All pilots at Pecan Plantation Airpark (0TX1) and Pecan Landings Airport (66TE) are encouraged to use the Frenquency 122.975 MHz to announce positions in and around the pattern at the Airpark. Non-radio equipped aircraft are strongly encouraged to abide by standard patterns and altitudes.

      3.4 The recommended traffic pattern altitude for Pecan Plantation Airpark (0TX1) is 1700 feet MSL with right-hand traffic for runway 19 and left-hand traffic for runway 01. Please be aware that the Landings Airport (66TE) is located approximately 3.5 nm east. The Pecan Landings Airport traffic pattern altitude is also 1700 feet MSL with left-hand traffic for runway 17 and right-hand traffic for runway 35. To avoid traffic conflicts, any departure turns opposite the traffic pattern should deconflict with the other traffic pattern before turning and not start any turns until above traffic pattern altitude of 1700' MSL. Pilots should use "PECAN PLANTATION AIRPORT" for all traffic pattern radio communications while in the traffic pattern of the Pecan Plantation Airport (0TX1) and use "THE LANDINGS AIRPORT" for all traffic pattern radio communications while in the traffic pattern of the Pecan Landing Airport (66TE).

      3.5 As a matter of safety to all pilots and Pecan Plantation residents, pilots are requested not to perform aerobatics maneuvers over Pecan Plantation (FAR 91.303) and to observe Minimum Safe Altitudes (FAR 91.119).

      3.6 It is recommended that any time that an airplane is going to enter the runway for taxi, takeoff or landing, the pilot turn the runway lights on. This is suggested for both daylight and night operations. In this way, if an aircraft is about to enter the runway and the lights are already on, it should alert the pilot that someone else is also using the runway. This would also alert any mowers or maintenance workers operating near the runway.


  • Pilot Guidelines
  • Taxiway Diagram - Pecan Plantation (0TX1)

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