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    • Pecan Plantation Tennis Association

      PPTA promotes recreational, competitive and social tennis for all ages. We arrange and conduct play days and other tennis events to promote fellowship among our members. We also advise PPOA Board of Directors in all matters pertaining to tennis participation and membership.

      Benefits of Joining:
      • Several free or low cost, fun play days and mixers throughout the year
      • Parties and other social events with fellow PPTA members
      • Opportunities for volunteerism and helping others
      • Get outside, exercise and meet your neighbors
      • Promote tennis learning and enjoyment for youth through donations to Granbury High School Tennis Program
      • Connections with USTA teams for all ages and levels of play.

      Membership cost: $25 a year per family (billed annually to PPOA account) Join PPTA and participate in the fun To apply, click below and fill out the application.

      Tennis Application
  • Shady Campgrounds
  • Archery/Air Gun Range

    • The Pecan Plantation Archery/ Air Gun Association is a non -profit association formed under the auspices of the Pecan Plantation Property Owners Association and is dedicated to the promotion of the sports of archery and air guns. Originally started as an archery club in 2006, this group has grown through the years and now includes archery and air guns. The purpose of the association is to educate, promote and enjoy the sports of archery and air guns, with safety always a primary focus.

      The PPAA has regularly scheduled matches and tournaments as well as special events throughout the year. Members are also involved in the regular maintenance of the range as well as making improvement s. PPAA dues are used to help maintain the range as well as purchase and maintain targets and equipment.

      PPAA meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month with location and times published in the Columns magazine. Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18. All PPOA members are encouraged to get involved and learn more about the sports of archery and air guns. Experienced PPAA members are ready and willing to help you with target practice and assist you with your equipment.

      PPAA Membership Applications are available at the PAC and the cost is $25 per year.

      Archery and Air Gun Application
  • Pickleball

    • Want is Pickleball?
      Pickleball is possibly America's fastest growing sport. It combines the elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong. Pickleball is played with paddles larger than ping pong, a perforated plastic ball, and a net similar to tennis. It's a fun, easy sport that is great exercise, but doesn't require a lot of skill to be an enjoyable experience for young and old.

      How can I learn to play?
      PPPA hosts periodic clinics. Watch your Columns or inquire at the Pecan Activity Center (817) 573-7952. There are also designated playing times for "newbies" to learn the basics of the game.

      Open Playing time at the Pecan Activity Center is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday from 09:30 A.M. to  12:30 P.M. Ladies Open Play from 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. every Thursday. Open play time allows all skill levels, from beginner to advanced pickleball players,  to play together. Designated courts are provided for differing skill levels.

      Come by Pecan Activity Center (PAC) and check us out, or go to our Facebook page: ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP

      Association Membership
      Pecan Plantation Pickleball Association (PPPA) exists to promote the sport of pickleball, to assist in improving our equipment and facilities, to host tournaments, and to hold social events for members. Membership is not required for open play but joining is just $25.00 a year per household. Fill out a brief membership application at the PAC and you're in!

      For further information contact Pecan Plantation Pickleball Association at:

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